All dental services in one place

Preventive dentistry

  • Examinations and advice
  • Fluorosis
  • Fissure sealing
  • Teeth tartar removal
  • Teeth polishing


  • Includes a detailed examination
  • Diagnosing
  • X-ray reading
  • Proposal of problem solutions

Conservative dentistry

  • Use of modern materials in everyday practice
  • Latest generation composite fillings (sealants)
  • Ceramic or gold inlays and onlays
  • Single and multi root teeth treatments

Esthetic dentistry

  • Esthetic problem resolving including the use of great materials
  • Metal and non metal ceramics
  • VENNERS veneers
  • Zircon ceramics
  • Teeth whitening
    • at the clinic, 1 visit (1-2 h), whitening gel usage
    • home whitening 14 days, gel usage

Mobile prosthetics

  • Production of total (acrylic) prosthesis
  • Production of partial (acrylic) prosthesis
  • Production of telescope prosthesis

Fixed prosthetics

  • Non metal ceramics and zircon ceramics
  • Metal ceramics – dental steel basis
  • Metal ceramics – noble materials – gold
  • Gradia composite


When a clinical crown is missing or a large part of it is wasted and the tooth is healed, an extension will be made which can be:

  • ready made and finished – metal, glass and zirconium
  • poured – individual extension – dental steel, gold and zirconium


  • Dental X-rays with minimal radiation
  • X-rays are immediately done


  • Implantation of top implants
  • Solving toothless jaw problems – mini implants
  • Substituting teeth that have been pulled out without sanding and damaging adjacent teeth